General Information

Full Name Taro Tsuchiya
Email ttsuchiy at
Location Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Languages Japanese, English


  • Aug 2021 -
    Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science
    • Societal Computing Program at Software and Societal Systems Department (S3D)
    • Doctoral researcher at Cylab (Security and Privacy Institute)
    • Advisor Dr. Nicolas Christin
    • Courses taken (by the order of recency)
      • Foundations of Privacy
      • Artificial Intelligence Methods for Social Good
      • Advanced Natural Language Processing
      • Introduction to Information Security
      • Dynamic Network Analysis
      • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Application
      • Experimental Design
      • Societal Computing Practicum
  • Sep 2017 - Jul 2021
    Keio University, Faculty of Economics
    • Advisor Dr. Teruo Nakatsuma
    • Enrolled in the PEARL (Programme in Economics, Alliance, Research, and Leadership) program
    • Undergraduate Thesis "Forecasting Cryptocurrency Intraday Volatility using Information Flow on Telegram" -- Excellent Graduation Theses, Keio University Faculty of Economics


  • Aug 2021 -
    Doctoral Researcher
    (Cylab) Security and Privacy Institute
  • Feb - Jul 2021
    Research Assistant
    Cyber Civilization Research Center (CCRC)
  • Jan - Mar 2020
    Research Intern
    Mitsubishi UFJ Bank


  • Fall 2023
    TA for 17703 Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Applications
    Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (S3D)
    • Instructor Professor Nicolas Christin
  • Spring 2021
    TA for Seminar for an Introduction to Probabilistic Computing
    MIT Probabilistic Computing and Keio University


  • May 2023
    Paper Presentation at Web Conference (WWW'23) at Austin, USA
  • Nov 2022
    Invited talk at Keio University Cyber Civilization Revolution and Evolution "The contradictory world of cryptocurrencies"
  • Nov 2022
    Paper Presentation talk at Societal Computing Seminar at Carnegie Mellon University Software and Societal Systems Department
  • Jun 2022
    Invited talk at Keio University Cyber Civilization Revolution and Evolution "Society and cryptocurrencies"
  • Mar 2021
    Organizer at the 50 years of Distributed Computing System (DCS) online video conference
  • Sep 2020
    Paper presentation at Japan Joint Statistical Meeting 2020, Online
  • Aug 2020
    Paper presentation at 53rd Japan Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering (JASSO), Online


  • Dogs: I miss my dog in Japan...
  • Rugby: I watched many many rugby games since my childhood. Big fan of League One, College Rugby, Super Rugby.
  • Violin: I had played the violin for 19 years.